An ingenious way to apply mascara will make your face look thinner. Video

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How to apply mascara. Source: Created with the help of AI

Mascara will help you create the right accents, open up your eyes, and emphasize your eyes. Whether you're trying to create a delicate natural makeup look or want to shine in the crowd, no look is complete without a few swipes of mascara.

Makeup artists say there is one interesting way to apply mascara that will visually make your face look thinner. The Mirror magazine told us how to paint eyelashes to make your face look thinner and eyes look bigger.

A simple life hack is gaining popularity online. If you apply mascara as usual to all lashes, your eyes will look round and open. And by changing the technique to draw the lashes at an angle, you can visually lengthen your face. You just need to apply the product to the outer corner of the eyelashes with sideways movements.

Professionals can instantly change their appearance by using contour, highlighter, bronzer, and blush to sculpt facial features and emphasize the right details.

As it turns out, there's a very simple way to significantly change your everyday makeup, and all you need to do is learn how to use mascara correctly. This method can dramatically change the shape of the eyes and thus visually "tighten" the face.

If, after testing many popular brands, you have not received the promised advertising effect of crazy lengthening, it may be time to change your mascara application technique. Recently, a technique called "mascara cocktailing" has been gaining popularity online. It means using several brushes to give your lashes extra volume, length, and definition.

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