Add age and spoil the skin: the most serious makeup mistakes

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With age, you need to change makeup techniques, as well as colors and textures of products. Source: Created with the help of AI

Skillful makeup can "erase" a good decade of age from your face. Similarly, makeup application mistakes can add years to the same.

Makeup experts name several such gross mistakes that should be avoided. OBOZ.UA tells about their recommendations in more detail.

Too curved eyebrows

With age, the skin of the face loses its elasticity and begins to sag. Accordingly, the tail of the eyebrow also drops. If you create an arch that is too curved, the brow area will look more saggy than it is. Therefore, as you age, it is better to comb your eyebrows upward, create a thicker contour, and not get too carried away when shaping their curve.

Incorrect upper eyeliner

Similarly, a downwardly directed upper eyeliner will make the eyes visually drop even lower and look completely tired. The tip of the arrow should be bent upward with age. And in the same way, form the contour of the "smoky eye" and "cat" eyelid makeup.

Low contouring

The goal of mature face makeup is to tighten and lift it in all possible ways. If you apply the contouring too low, it will only emphasize age-related changes. Therefore, do not apply the sculptor in the hollow under the cheekbone and blend all relevant products, including blush, upward.

Lip pencil in the corners of the mouth

Highlighting the corners of the lips will make wrinkles in this area more pronounced. To create the contour of the mouth, choose creamy pencils, draw the line slightly beyond the natural boundaries, and lightly blend it in the corners.

Avoid using an eye primer

Applying a primer before applying eye shadow or eyeliner is essential to prevent smudging and to set the product. The primer also moisturizes the eye area, which adds fullness to the skin.

Sharp lower eyeliner

Applying eyeliner to the lower lash line can emphasize dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. This means it can also emphasize them. Apply a dark color only on the upper lid, and be sure to use a nude product on the lower lid's water line to add radiance to the look.

Use a heavy powder foundation

As you age, the texture of your foundation should become lighter and more transparent. Although powder is a great choice for those with oily skin, as we age, it increases dryness and begins to emphasize wrinkles.

Overuse of primer

It is better to apply primer to mature skin with a damp sponge and light patting movements. This will help to moisturize the skin at the same time and not overdo it with a layer of product. Over the years, the rule "less is more" has become more and more relevant.

Choose a foundation that dries quickly

When choosing a foundation, be guided by your skin type. Your product should not dry it out. Better yet, choose a formula with moisturizing ingredients. A cream or serum containing vitamins is a good option, as they will help restore skin and improve its elasticity.

Use of shiny eyeshadow

Too much shimmer in the eye area can increase the appearance of wrinkles. Glitter tends to accumulate in the folds and emphasize them. Therefore, it is better to use matte or satin eyeshadows and shiny makeup accents only.

Choose a red lipstick in a cool shade or dark lip colors

As you age, bright red lipsticks with a cold undertone or dark colors of products make your lips appear thinner. And this adds age. Instead, go for glossier, creamier formulas in soft red or pink shades that match your natural lip color.

Using matte lipsticks

While matte lipsticks tend to offer the best-staying power, they also dry out the skin of your lips, which will highlight any flaking or cracking in the area. Therefore, it is better to opt for a creamy texture and a formula with moisturizing ingredients.

Applying powder blush

Dry skin is also a reason to avoid powder blush. It will emphasize the lines on the skin. Just like shiny products. Creamy or liquid textures with a matte finish will go on better.

Overuse of concealer

Concealer applied without preparation will be too heavy and dense, which will add extra years to the look. For better adherence, apply the product on a thin layer of cream foundation. Also, reduce the amount of concealer you use daily.

Finger application

When you apply makeup with your fingers, the warmth of your skin will help make the product more pliable. But with age, this also exacerbates the problem of over-emphasizing wrinkles. Therefore, it is better to use a wet sponge or a special brush to apply makeup. This will help create an even and sufficiently thin layer of the product.

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