7 "disastrous" eyebrow mistakes that will age you: all the secrets of proper care

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7 "disastrous" eyebrow mistakes that will make you look older. Source:

Every woman does her best to feel beautiful, young, and attractive. But sometimes the smallest things can have a significant impact on the entire appearance.

Improper eyebrow care can add a few extra years to your life and disfigure your face. That's why She Finds talked about common mistakes that many women make.

Excessive plucking

One of the most common mistakes in eyebrow care is overplucking. As soon as you start creating an unnatural shape, you will lose your natural charm and beauty. Also, remember that hairs may not grow back, so be careful with tweezers and wax.

Lack of tinting

If your eyebrows are gray or naturally quite light and sparse, there's nothing wrong with leaving them as they are. But if you feel that they age you, then choose a color that is not too dark for you and tint them.

Sparse eyebrow tails

With age, the tails of the eyebrows become more transparent and sparse, so try not to pluck hairs from there and tint them with cosmetics if necessary.

7 ''disastrous'' eyebrow mistakes that will age you: all the secrets of proper care

Eyebrows that are too dark

Dyeing or using cosmetics is a great way to make your eyebrows look thicker and more well-groomed, but it's important not to overdo it. Choose a color that either matches your natural hair color or one that is one shade darker.

Creating an arch that is too high

Strangely enough, high eyebrow arches are not for everyone. If your brow bone is naturally relatively low, you may be better suited to straighter eyebrows.

Emphasize what nature has given you, rather than trying to change your facial features by following the advice of online experts.

Eyebrow trimming

Eyebrow care is not just about plucking or coloring. If your hair is too long, don't neglect trimming it.

Eating right

One of the biggest and most fatal mistakes that negatively affects your appearance is not eating a balanced diet. Eat enough protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. This will help make your hair healthy and strong.

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