12 phrases used by toxic people: how to protect yourself

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12 phrases used by toxic people: how to protect yourself

In today's world, where each of us faces stresses and challenges, it is important to surround ourselves with positive people. However, sometimes we can come across toxic people who harm our emotional state and relationships. My name is Iryna Shenier, I am a female psychologist and crisis counselor, and in this article, I propose to look at the TOP 12 phrases that toxic people often use. I will also teach you how to protect yourself from this toxicity.

Toxic people are those who have a negative impact on your life. They constantly criticize, try to control, and always create some kind of negative situation. They can ruin your mood, cause stress, or even get you hooked on bad habits. To protect yourself, it is important to recognize such people and be able to separate yourself from their negative influence.

Toxic people can be different. Some are always negative and criticize everything you do. Others try to control you like a doll. Some are always creating drama and conflict. And then some look friendly but do something bad behind their backs. It is important to recognize these signs and be able to distance yourself from the negative influence of such people.

So, I have collected for you the top 12 most popular phrases of toxic people. These phrases can be "red flags" for you that you are dealing with a toxic person.

  • "You always do everything wrong"

Toxic people always criticize and try to lower your self-esteem. Learn to distinguish between toxicity and constructive criticism, but don't give even constructive criticism a chance to undermine your self-confidence.

  • "I wish you well"

This phrase can sometimes hide toxic intentions. Toxic people often use it when they are trying to hide their criticism or negative feelings. It is important to be careful to listen not only to the words but also to the feelings that accompany this phrase, as it can hide an unfriendly influence.

  • "You never listen to me"

Toxic people constantly feel the need to be the center of attention. Define boundaries and learn how to set them, do not give such people control over your actions.

  • "You are always to blame for everything"

Toxic people shift their problems onto others. Don't take on other people's problems without proper justification and arguments, and contribute to constructive solutions.

  • "You can't achieve anything"

Toxic people try to lower your ambitions. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and ignore negative comments.

  • "You always do everything for yourself"

Toxic people do not understand the concept of independence. Pay attention to your needs, don't let others determine your actions.

  • "You're always complaining"

Toxic people try to avoid their problems by blaming you for their negative emotions. Seek support and express your feelings, but don't wallow in constant negativity.

  • "You always do things too slowly"

Toxic people demotivate you by expressing doubts about your effectiveness. Develop your productivity, but don't let these people put pressure on you.

  • "You're not worth my attention"

Toxic people try to lower your self-esteem. Don't forget about your value and don't let others undervalue it.

  • "You never do what I ask you to do"

Toxic people constantly set unreasonable expectations. Communicate realistic expectations and set your boundaries when dealing with others.

  • "You're overdramatizing everything"

In this way, toxic people not only devalue your feelings but also make you believe that you are to blame for the situation. In response, it is important to listen and express your feelings, avoiding manipulation and ignoring your own emotions.

  • "One day you will understand everything"

This phrase is used by toxic people to indicate a lack of understanding or experience in your decision or action. This can often lead to feelings of insecurity and a sense that you are misunderstanding the situation. It is important not to let such a phrase undermine your confidence, but instead to refer to your own beliefs and express your thoughts openly.

It's important to remember that the language and behavior of toxic people are a reflection of their insecurities and flaws, not yours. Try to avoid toxic relationships and be open to positive communication. Maintain your emotional health and learn self-defense skills to protect yourself from the negative influence of others.

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