Tomato appetizer with cheese and garlic: for the festive table and for every day

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Recipe for an appetizer
Recipe for an appetizer. Source: lifehacker

Tomatoes are an ideal vegetable for making delicious salads and snacks. They can also be pickled, fermented, and salted. Tomatoes also make delicious juice for the winter and sauces.

Fresh tomatoes

The cook shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious tomato appetizer with hard cheese and garlic.

Appetizer recipe


  • tomatoes
  • lettuce leaves
  • mayonnaise
  • garlic
  • hard cheese

Method of preparation:

1. Put the washed lettuce/arugula leaves on a plate.

Fresh tomatoes

2. Next, put the sliced tomatoes on top, spread with mayonnaise mixed with squeezed garlic and sprinkle generously with finely grated cheese.

Preparing an appetizer

Refrigerate before serving!

Ready appetizer

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