Sun-dried tomatoes for the winter: how to dry in the oven properly

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Recipe for dried tomatoes. Source: Pixabay

Sun-dried tomatoes are something that every housewife should have in her fridge. In addition to being a great standalone appetizer, it is also an addition to soups, pates, sauces, and salads. And most importantly, it doesn't require a lot of ingredients to make this dish.

Food blogger Marichka Horodetska (marichka_gorodetska) shared a recipe for sun-dried tomatoes on her Instagram page.

Recipe for sun-dried tomatoes for the winter


  • tomatoes – 1 kg
  • salt – 2 tsp
  • Italian herbs – 3 tsp
  • vegetable oil – 200 ml
  • garlic – 4-5 cloves
  • basil – 6-8 pieces
How to dry tomatoes in the oven

Method of preparation:

1. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Then cut into halves and place on a baking sheet covered with parchment.

2. Mix salt and Italian herbs, and sprinkle the tomatoes with the mixture. Put in the oven to dry at 100 degrees for about 1 hour, and periodically open the door for 5 minutes to let the moisture escape. After that, dry at 70 degrees for 6 hours, periodically opening the oven.

Tomato appetizers for the winter

3. At this stage, put everything in jars. Put some chopped garlic and a few basil leaves on the bottom of the jar. Put the tomatoes in. Top with more garlic and basil.

4. Heat the oil to 70 degrees. Pour over the tomatoes.

Sun-dried tomatoes at home

5. Tightly close the lids.

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