Six unexpected ways to use wine in everyday life

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Six unexpected ways to use wine in everyday life

Wine has accompanied humanity for thousands of years and remains a constant attribute of the festive table. It pleases, comforts, warms, complements the meal, acts as one of the ingredients of dishes, and can also be useful in unusual situations.

As Interia Porady reported, there are various ways to use the drink that can bring a lot of benefits. In particular, wine can be used in everyday life and for cosmetic purposes.

In moderation, wine has a good effect on heart function.

Don't pour out the rest of the wine

Often, after a rich feast, there is a large amount of wine left over. Even though it has lost its flavor, you shouldn't pour it out. Large amounts of unused alcohol can be used to make marinades, sauces, and desserts.

In such a situation, the authors of the material advise, the leftover wine can be poured into molds and frozen.

"You will get neat small cubes that you can use in your culinary experiments in the future," the article says.

Wine can be used in house cleaning

White wine is best suited for this purpose. It can remove lime deposits and soap stains that housewives often encounter in the kitchen and bathroom.

"Pour a small amount of wine on the contaminated surface, wait a few minutes, and wipe it off with a sponge or cloth," the authors of the article noted.

They advised to pour wine into a spray bottle for easy cleaning. According to the experts, this way it will be easy to use for cleaning shower walls or windows.

"Wine will also help to cope with dirty mirrors or kitchen countertops," they added.

There are many culinary recipes in which wine is one of the ingredients.

Wine can remove stains

If the stain is fresh, it can be removed with white wine, both from clothes and from the tablecloth. First, pour a little wine on the stain to cover the entire damaged surface, and then wash the item by hand using mild detergents.

Wine can be used to care for furniture

In this case, you should mix dry red wine with a small amount of olive or other oil. You will get a cleaner for wooden furniture.

"Such a product will remove dust and stains, and at the same time give the objects a wonderful shine," the article says.

The authors clarified that such a solution is suitable only for dark furniture, and for light furniture, a mixture of oil with white wine and a pinch of salt should be used.

Wine is not just for drinking. It can help you quickly get rid of various problems.

Wine can be used to fertilize plants

Wine works well in the garden. To do this, pour the remaining wine into the compost. In this case, the substances contained in the wine will accelerate the decay process by activating the bacteria in the compost itself and in the soil.

"The result will be an ideal fertilizer for plants that will be healthy, lush and resistant to unfavorable conditions," the article says.

You can bathe in wine

"When taking a bath, you should add one or two glasses of wine to the water, and it doesn't matter if it's from one bottle or several. The substances contained in the drink will not only have a relaxing effect but also increase blood circulation, help get rid of cellulite and make the skin more elastic," the experts noted.

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