Korean-style carrot and mayonnaise salad: 2 budget recipes

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Korean-style carrots are already a delicious and independent appetizer. But just imagine what will happen if you add them to a salad. It's a win-win option because this vegetable goes especially well with chicken, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, crackers, and smoked meat. And the most important advantage of such salads is that they are affordable and budget.

The FoodOboz editorial team has collected two simple, tasty and budget salads with Korean-style carrots.

Recipes for cooking Korean-style carrots

Food blogger Tetiana, known as tania_sheremet, shared a recipe for a Korean-style carrot and mayonnaise salad on her Instagram page.

Salad with Korean-style carrots and salty chechil cheese


  • chechil cheese - 150 g
  • canned corn - 200 g
  • eggs - 2 pcs
  • Korean-style carrots - 150 g
  • mayonnaise - 50 g

Method of preparation:

1. Cut cheese into strips and divide into so-called fibers.

2. Boil and grate eggs.

3. Mix cheese, eggs, corn, and Korean-style carrots and season with mayonnaise.

Food blogger Yulia, known as yuliia_mikulich, shared a recipe for a Korean-style carrot and chicken salad on her Instagram page.

Salad with Korean-style carrots and chicken fillet


  • chicken meat - 400 g
  • eggs - 5 pcs
  • Korean-style carrots - 200 g
  • lettuce leaves - 70 g
  • onion - 100 g
  • mayonnaise
  • salt, pepper

Method of preparation:

1. Fry or boil chicken until tender. Cool.

2. Beat eggs with salt and pepper until smooth. Then make an omelet. Cool.

3. Cut onion, meat and omelet into strips. Chop lettuce leaves.

4. Mix all the ingredients, season with salt and pepper, and dress with mayonnaise. Stir.

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