How to choose quality honey: tips from a chemical scientist

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Choosing natural honey. Source: collage

In winter, Ukrainians warm themselves and improve their health with tea with honey. But for this product to bring the expected benefits, it must be natural.

Chemist Hlib Repich, a participant in the New Channel's "One Million Dollar Couple" project, explains how to distinguish high-quality honey from fake honey. "People believe that if you pour natural honey on the bottom of a plate, add cold water on top, and make circular movements, its surface will take the shape of a honeycomb. This is supposed to be the genetic memory of honey. But this is a myth!

According to the chemist, if you take sugar caramel instead of honey and repeat the same steps, the same honeycomb will appear. These are not honeycombs at all, but simply waves. Similar to those that water leaves on the surface of the sand in water bodies. This method does not confirm the naturalness of honey. At home, you can distinguish high-quality honey with the help of a personal bio-laboratory: eyes, smell, and taste.


Honey should crystallize by winter. This consistency does not mean that sugar has been added to the honey, but rather the opposite: evenly crystallized honey is an indicator of quality. Honey crystallization is allowed – from fine-grained to coarse-grained. The only honey that does not crystallize is acacia honey. However, you should carefully look at its consistency. Good honey should flow down in an even, thin stream and form a slide.


Quality honey has a pronounced pleasant taste and smell. No sour or caramel notes. When swallowed, it feels a bit sickly in the throat. This means that the product is fine. By these criteria, it should be clear whether you have purchased high-quality honey.

Unfortunately, some things cannot be checked for free, such as the presence of harmful substances and antibiotics. Only the manufacturer's integrity is relevant here.


The color of honey can be from transparent (colorless), white, light yellow to dark brown, liquid, viscous, very viscous, or dense.

Only verified information is available on the Obozrevatel Telegram channel and Viber. Do not fall for fakes!

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