Homemade berry kvass without yeast: how to make a refreshing drink

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Recipe for homemade kvass with sourdough starter. Source: Pexels

Kvass is a very popular refreshing drink that no summer outing is complete without. It's great that you can make it effortlessly and with readily available ingredients at home. To make it as carbonated as champagne, a special sourdough starter, breadcrumbs, or even yeast is used. You can also add berries, fruits, and dried fruits to enhance the flavor.

Food blogger Mila (vkusnye__zametki) shared a recipe for homemade berry kvass with sourdough and bread crumbs on her Instagram page.

Recipe for berry kvass with sourdough and breadcrumbs


  • water - 2 liters
  • sugar (1) - 100 g
  • sugar (2) - 40-45 g (this portion should be added when the kvass has been drained)
  • berries - 150 g
Classic homemade kvass
  • rye sourdough 100% moisture - 100 g
  • breadcrumbs of wheat or rye bread made on the basis of sourdough - 20 g
  • raisins - 6-8 pieces

Method of preparation:

1. First, you need to prepare the base for kvass – berry compote. Bring 2 liters of water + 100 sugar to a boil. Then add the berries and cook for 3-5 minutes. Cool it down.

Berry kvass with raisins

2. Put the starter in a jar and pour the cooled compote (but without berries). No need to stir. 

3. At the same time add the breadcrumbs. After that, cover the jar with cheesecloth and fix it with an elastic band. Leave the kvass in a warm place for 1 day. Wait until the liquid in the jar starts to ferment.

Refreshing berry drinks

4. Next, pour the kvass into a saucepan, removing the breadcrumbs.

5. Add the second portion of sugar. Stir to combine.

Homemade kvass without yeast

6. Pour into a bottle. Add raisins. Close the lid and leave at room temperature for 2-4 hours, then refrigerate.

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